Waveform Generator DG2102

100 MHz, 2 Ch
DG2000 Series with frequencies up to 100 MHz, 16Bit Resolution, and arbitrary waveforms of up to 16 Mpts the DG2000 reproduces any waveform with high signal fidelity. SiFi II adds additional filtering capabilities making this one of the most flexible generators on the market.

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  • SiFi II technology, generating the arbitrary waveforms points by points, outputting high-quality waveforms accurately
  • Built-in 8 orders harmonics generator
  • Up to 250 Msa/s sample rate and 16 M memory depth
  • 4.3'' TFT color touch screen and brand new UI design
  • PRBS, RS232, and Sequence
  • Fan-free mute design

4.3 Inch Touch Screen

The combination of touch screen control with click and slide and multi-function knob makes it easy to find and update waveform settings; switch between channels, configure each channel, and easily load standard functions or arbitrary waves.


16bit Vertical Resolution

DG2000 series generators extend output at 16 bit resolution The resolution of the output voltage is 4 times that of the traditional 14 bit generator. DG2000 can reproduce any waveform more reliably and improve the fidelity and performance of the signal.


SiFi II Technology

Sifi II technology allows you to output signals flexibly through filtering options such as stepping, smoothing and interpolation These options in the powerful signal sorting function can provide precise roll down control for the signal you select. Combine these flexible playback options or use edge time in interpolation mode to define the range of broadband components in the signal.


Support Multiple Signal Outputs

Create and combine complex signal sequences, simulate or analyze faults through finger touch. A wide range of test signals are simulated by combining different waveform types, including dual tone, arbitrary wave and noise DG2000 also has the function of generating RS232 sequence and PRBS, which can be used in test sequence of advanced application.


Harmonic Generator

DG2000 has built-in 8-th harmonic generator function and outputs harmonics with specified times, amplitude and phase. It is usually used in the test of harmonic detection equipment or harmonic filter equipment.


Signal Jitter As Low As 200ps 

DG2000 series function / arbitrary waveform generator is based on SIFI II technology created by RIGOL. It can generate arbitrary wave point by point and restore signal without distortion. The sampling rate can be adjusted precisely, compared with the traditional DDS signal source, the signal jitter is lower, and the jitter of all output signals is as low as 200ps.


Arb Sequencing

Create and combine complicated sequences of signals for emulation or failure analysis with the touch of a finger. Combine cycles of different waveform types including dual tone, arbitrary waves, and noise to mimic a broad set of test signals.




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