Spectrum Analyzer RSA3015E-TG

9kHz-1.5GHz,SSB-102dBc/Hz,RBW 1Hz, with TG.
The RSA3000E is a 5-in-1 spectrum analyzer with sweep spectrum, real-time spectrum, scalar network analyzer (-TG model), EMI receiver and digital demodulation. Its frequency range is 9kHz to 1.5/3GHz, and it is available with the tracking source "-TG" model, which can be widely used in enterprise R&D, factory production, education and teaching.

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  • Frequency stability: 0.5 ppm, option: 0.005 ppm
  • Phase noise: <-102 dBc/Hz (typical)
  • DANL: <-161 dBm (typical)
  • RBW: 10 Hz to 3 MHz(1 Hz to 3 MHz for RSA3000E)
  • Option:1 Hz to 10 MHz(unavailable to upgrade for RSA3000E)
  • Full-scale accuracy: <1.0 dB
  • Sweep rate: 1 ms
  • Real-time bandwidth: 10 MHz, option: 25 MHz/40 MHz (unnecessary to upgrade for RSA3000E)
  • FFT rate: 146,484 FFTs/s

Conduction/Radiation Pre-compliance with Built-in Emi Test Software

The RSA3000E's built-in EMI pre-compliance application software, combined with CISPR-compliant filters, pre-tests the product for conduction and radiation to identify and improve its conduction/radiation disturbance source and accelerate time-to-market.


Resolution Bandwidth As Low As 1 Hz

Resolving signals with similar frequencies is critical to verifying many RF devices and systems. With the RSA3000E, the RBW resolution bandwidth with a scan bandwidth of only 1 Hz allows you to view more details of adjacent signals.


Danl As Low As -161 Dbm with Optional Preamp

View lower powered signals (harmonics, interference sources) and ease trouble-shooting in swept and real-time mode.


ASK/FSK Demodulation Analysis

ASK/FSK demodulation analysis software can help engineers demodulate and analyze signals such as TPMS, PKE/RKE, and obtain parameters of signal modulation quality to help products get listed quickly.


Excellent Phase Noise Metric

Excellent sweep performance, phase noise as low as -102dBc/Hz


Complete Operations with a Multi-touch Screen

RSA3000E with a 10.1-inch multi-touch capacitive screen with quick setup, and support a variety of gestures such as dragging, expanding, and zooming waveforms to provide a personalized interactive experience that maximizes your time.













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