RF Signal Generator DSG815

9kHz-1.5GHz,-100dBc/Hz Phase Noise,+13dBm to -110dBm, Amplitude Accuracy<0.5dB, 2ppm
The DSG800 delivers outstanding performance in a class of economical RF signal sources with full frequency and power sweep capability, as well as AM/FM/ØM analog modulation and powerful pulse modulation. Compared to similar products, the DSG800 has the smallest footprint, light weight and superior portability, making it the perfect choice for educational laboratories, industrial production lines, developmen

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  • Up to -112 dBc/Hz (typical) phase noise
  • Up to +20 dBm (typical) maximum output power
  • Special digital ALC circuit ensuring its stability and reliability
  • Flexible frequency and amplitude sweep functions
  • Open vector modulation function (for A type model)
  • Powerful pulse modulation function
  • Prominent portability; Simple and easy to operat

Complete AM/FM/ØM Analog Modulation

DSG800 provides a variety of analog modulation functions such as AM/FM/ØM, which is suitable for signal simulation requirements in various applications such as FM radio and wireless microphone.


Pulse Modulation

It produces high quality pulse modulated signals with rise/fall times typically less than 10 ns and on/off ratios greater than 70 dB. Support for internal and external modulation. Built-in pulse generator can generate pulse sequence and output to the outside as a separate pulse generator


Low Phase Noise

High signal purity, phase noise typical value <-112dBc/Hz@20kHz; better high-stability clock reference with better near-phase noise capability.


High Amplitude Accuracy

The output amplitude accuracy is typically 0.5 dB, providing users with accurate excitation signals


Wide Range of High Power Output

The maximum output amplitude is +13dBm (nominal value), and can be set to +20dBm to meet the nonlinearity test of the amplifier.


Amplitude Stability

Reliable repeatability provides engineers with sufficient test confidence that the 72-hour output amplitude variation is less than 0.02dB 






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