Digital Oscilloscope DS2102A

100MHz, 2CH, 2GSa/s, 56Mpts, Free Trigger and Decoding
The MSO/DS2000A series of digital oscilloscopes are universal digital oscilloscopes with bandwidths from 100MHz to 300MHz and sampling rates up to 2GSa/s, combined with deep memory depth and high waveform capture rates.

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  • Bandwidth up to 100MHz, standard with 50Ω input
  • Two analog channels 
  • Lower noise floor, wider vertical range (500uV/div ~ 10V/div)
  • Waveform capture rate up to 50,000 wfms/s
  • Built-in 2 CH and 25MHz Waveform generator (-S model)
  • A variety of trigger and serial bus decoding functions

Low Noise floor with wide vertical range (500uV/div ~ 10V/div)

With a lower noise range setting at 500uV/div as well as included 50 Ohm termination and a clean frequency response design, the 2000 Series oscilloscope enables more sophisticated analysis of low level signal artifacts that can effect your design.


Waveform Record and Playback

Debug occasional and random glitches using our fast capture, playback, and onboard analysis capabilities.


16 Digital Channels (MSO Models)

The MSO2000A models add Mixed Signal Capabilities allowing users to not only look at the analog behavior of up to 4 channels but also trigger, capture, and analyze the behavior of up to 16 digital channels at the same time.


Integrated 2 Channel full function 25MHz generator

Create standard waves from the front panel, convert captured waves to emulated signals, or build arbitrary waves in the UltraStation PC Software. The embedded waveform generators included in the "-S" models adds value and capability to the bench for a variety of applications.


Serial bus triggering and decoding

Supports I2C, SPI, RS232/UART, CAN, LIN, FlexRay bus triggering and decoding as standard or optional offers.

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