Digital Oscilloscope DS1102E

100MHz, 2CH, 1GSa/s
The DS1000E/U Series is a market-proven economical digital oscilloscope. This series of digital oscilloscopes has excellent technical indicators and can meet the main needs of basic testing. The front panel design is clear and intuitive, fully in line with the traditional instrument usage habits, and is convenient for users to operate.

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  • 1GSa/s maximum real-time sample rate
  • Up to 1Mpts Memory depth
  • Abundant trigger types: edge, pulse width, slope, video, alternate
  • Standard with Pass/Fail test
  • Compact and portable

Up to 1mpts Storage Depth

The standard storage depth of 1mpts allows users to fully consider the overall situation and details of the waveform, maintain the highest sampling rate in a longer period of time, without missing any waveform changes.


Lock Keyboard Function

Lock keyboard function can be widely used in production. In this mode, all are locked except for menu keys f1-f5 and menu on / off. Keyboard lock uses menu operation; unlock requires password, and password can be reset.


Adjustable Trigger Sensitivity

The unique adjustable trigger sensitivity function can effectively filter out the noise that may be superimposed on the trigger signal and ensure the signal under stable trigger noise environment.


Waveform Recording and Playback Function

The waveform recording function of ds1000d / E / U series can not only record the input waveform of two channels but also record the waveform of pass / fail detection output. Up to 1000 frames can be recorded, and better waveform analysis effect can be achieved through playback and save function.





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