Digital Multimeter DM3068

6 1/2 Digital Multimeter(2,200,000 Count), 0.0035% DC Voltage Accuracy, 10krdgs/s, USB, GPIB, RS232, LAN
DM3068 series digital multimeter has the highest accuracy of 6.5 bits. It is designed for the test requirements of high accuracy, multi-function and automatic measurement, and integrates the functions of automatic measurement, multiple mathematical transformations and arbitrary sensor measurement. Compatible with the mainstream multimeter command set, it can meet the needs of research and devel

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  • 6 ½ (DM3068) or 5 ½ (DM3058/E) digits readings resolution
  • Max. 10A Current Measurement Range
  • Dual Measurements Display
  • Support temperature sensors (TC,RTD and THERM) and user defined sensor
  • Statistical analysis; Real-time Trend and Histogram display functions (DM3068)
  • Abundant interfaces; Command compatible with main stream DMMs

True 6.5 Bits Multimeter

It has ± 2200000 counts, which is much greater than ± 1200000 of similar products. At the same reading resolution, it has a larger measurement range than similar products.


Double Screen Display

When measuring the voltage or current of the AC signal, the frequency can also be measured. At this time, the voltage or current is displayed on the main display screen and the frequency is displayed on the secondary display screen.


Support Any Sensor Measurement

The measured physical quantities (pressure, flow rate, temperature, etc.) can be converted into voltage, current, resistance and other easily measured physical quantities for measurement, and the measured value and corresponding value can be displayed on the screen at the same time.


Supports a Variety of Temperature Sensors

Directly use TC (thermocouple), RTD (thermistor) and therm (thermistor) temperature sensors to measure temperature The temperature sensor used meets the international temperature standard ITS-90.


Capacitance Test Function

It can be used for capacitance measurement with a maximum display resolution of 1pf (2NF range).


Trend Chart Display

By drawing the trend chart of real-time measurement data, users can observe the change of measurement data without other auxiliary means.


Histogram Display

Display the distribution of measured data in real time, including AVG, SDEV and histogram of measured data, and change constantly in the measurement process.



Statistical analysis function

Perform mathematical statistics on the current measurement data, giving the minimum, maximum, average, and mean square error of the measured data.







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