DC Power Supply DP711

30V/5A, 150W, Single Channel Output
The DSG800 delivers outstanding performance in a class of economical RF signal sources with full frequency and power sweep capability, as well as AM/FM/ØM analog modulation and powerful pulse modulation. Compared to similar products, the DSG800 has the smallest footprint, light weight and superior portability, making it the perfect choice for educational laboratories, industrial production lines, development and research applications.

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  • Two Models, Single Output,Max. Output Power up to 150 W
  • Low ripple and noise:<500uVrms/3mVpp or 4mVpp
  • 0.01% Excellent load and line regulation rate
  • Support 1 mV/1 mA high resolution mode
  • Complete OV,OT,OC protection function
  • Synchronous output for multiple units
  • Timing output
  • 3.5-inch TFT-LCD; compact size, easy to use

Low Ripple Noise

Ultra low noise design (< 500uvrms / 3mvpp), to meet the user's demand for high purity power supply


Fast transient response

When the transient response time is less than 50 μ s, when the load current changes, the output voltage can quickly return to the set value to ensure the output quality.


Excellent power & load regulation

0.01% power regulation rate and load regulation rate to ensure the stability and safety of output.


Convenient trigger function

TWhen multiple power supplies are connected in series or in parallel, the external trigger function can make multiple power supplies output synchronously.


Timing output function

When the timing output is on, the voltage and current values of different periods can be configured according to the preset timer parameters to provide varying voltage and current output for the load



Perfect over-voltage / over-current protection (OVP / OCP), the user can set the limit value of over-voltage and over-current protection, when over-voltage or over-current occurs, the power will automatically shut down the output and give a prompt message.






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